Playing Waves

2021 Lakeshore Volleyfest

(updated 4/6/21)

Division Location AM PM
12 Classic Lakeshore Both
12 Club/Open Grand Rapids PM
13 Club Grand Rapids AM
13 Open/Premier Grand Rapids AM
14 Classic Grand Rapids AM
14 Club Grand Rapids AM
14 Open/Premier Lakeshore PM
15 Classic Grand Rapids PM
15 Club Grand Rapids PM
15 Open/Premier Lakeshore PM
16 Classic Lakeshore PM
16 Club Grand Rapids PM
16 Premier Lakeshore PM
16 Open Lakeshore PM
17 Club Lakeshore AM
17 Premier Lakeshore AM
17 Open Lakeshore AM
18 Club Lakeshore AM
18 Premier Lakeshore AM
18 Open Lakeshore AM

Playing sites have not yet been determined. The play schedule with locations typically comes out about one week prior to the event. By giving playing waves in advance it allows teams to better plan if they will need to stay overnight on Friday.

Open Division- Highest level of competition.

Premier Division- One step below Open. Higher than Club.

Club Division- Mid level teams.

Classic Division- Lowest level teams.

*ALL Divisions will give free & discounted entries to AAU Nationals based on number of teams in division.